Maine Kenzie Coons

The Application Process

Step One

Fill out and complete our Application (below) Questionnaire specifying information to allow us to assign you to the correct waitlist.

Step Two

You will be processed and added to one of our lists - there is both a free of charge list and a list for more serious buyers (VIP list).

Step Three

Application opens up to VIP waitlist to confirm and purchase their kitten of choice.

Step Four

Application opens to the remaining waitlist to secure and purchase their kitten of choice.

The Application Form

This waitlist is the non deposit list. Should you want to guarantee a kitten from our next available litter, or a specific featuring colour or pattern the deposit will be 500.00 and you will be moved up to the VIP waitlist (A). VIP Waitlist, are MaineKenzieCoons prioritized customers. The will be the first to know when A Queen, or their Queen of choice has been mated successfully, as well as be the first to receive news upon delivery of kittens with pictures so they can start thinking of which kitten they want. This is too soon for knowing exactly all the markings and gendering the kittens, but gives a idea of what is to come. Once, everyone, in order of deposits have picked their kitten of choice – they will be match with a collar colour, so they can visit the website for regular updates of their kitten. Then the remaining kittens will open up to the regualr waitlist. This is about 6 – 8 weeks of age. Those intrested in an available kitten will then send their deposit of 500.00. Once, deposit has been received the kitten of choice will be given a collar colour for their new owners to watch their development on the website that will provide regulare updates of all the kittens. At about 9 weeks of age the remaing kittens will be posted under available cattegory, as a first come first served upon approval of application. If you understand and agree with these terms please sign and return.

Thank You For Completing The Form