Maine Kenzie Coons


The Maine Coon breed is generally a very docile breed and are able to adapt to many different types of lifestyles and personalities. The are known to be compared to dogs when it comes to personality, with being able to bring them on walks and teach them simple tricks. They enjoy being around people and being given attention when you direct it towards them. They are not a needy breed, but can be a very curious breed, climbing to high viewpoints or places in order to observe people in their everyday tasks or lying in front of windows in order to watch animals and events occurring outside.

They also enjoy playing with small toys and chasing things around, as well as playing fetch with people for fun. They maintain their kittenish love of playing around and acting silly well into their adult years, its especially noticeable within the male kittens.


The size of the Maine Coon breed is considered to be a large cat, generally weighing 9-18 pounds. With males being larger. They keep growing and don’t reach their full size until the ages between 3-5 years old.