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Breeding for betterment of the maine coon health.

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About Us

The cattery is a family run home based lifestyle for my Maine Coons, who have the opportunity to love and be loved by children with special needs, a lifetime ailurophile. 

About The Cats


The Maine Coon breed is generally a very docile breed and are able to adapt to many different types of lifestyles and personalities. The are known to be compared to dogs when it comes to personality, with being able to bring them on walks and teach them simple tricks.

The Application Process

Step One

Fill out and complete our Application (below) Questionnaire specifying information to allow us to assign you to the correct waitlist.

Step Two

You will be processed and added to one of our lists - there is both a free of charge list and a list for more serious buyers (VIP list).

Step Three

Application opens up to VIP waitlist to confirm and purchase their kitten of choice.

Step Four

Application opens to the remaining waitlist to secure and purchase their kitten of choice.


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California, USA

Calgary, Canada


+1 403 829 5553


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